Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is a Bachelor of Arts degree program that examines the causes, consequences, and nature of globalization from its beginnings in the ancient world to the current shifts in politics, culture, and the economy today. Through core classes in the liberal arts focused on the global great works and an upper-division curriculum in which students individualize their studies, GLS students develop critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and global proficiencies that prepare them to be agents of change in a changing world.

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The academic program includes various components that train students in strategic thinking and practical application:

All GLS classes are small, discussion-based, and writing-intensive. GLS faculty are distinguished scholars and professionals from diverse fields. They design courses that integrate interdisciplinary ideas and use surrounding cultural sites to further classroom learning. Liberal Studies supports faculty commitment to utilizing the best in innovative materials and teaching techniques.

Students use an ePortfolio to build a digital archive of their four years in GLS. They draw upon the resources in their portfolios to compose their senior theses, to present work to prospective employers, and in applications to graduate schools.

Students who graduate with the B.A. in Global Liberal Studies are equipped with:

  • Broad understanding of academic theories and approaches to global systems
  • Advanced skills in using digital technologies to research and represent one’s work
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one non-US culture, including advanced proficiency in a foreign language
  • Tools for analyzing works and solving problems across disciplines and cultures
  • Capacity for lifelong learning

GLS students are also eligible to pursue cross-school minors, double majors, or accelerated B.A./M.A. degree programs.