Students in Global Liberal Studies (GLS) complete an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes direct engagement with the ideas of the past as well as the challenges of the contemporary world. Core course work in the liberal arts, with a focus on the great works, is infused with global content and involves students in the study of not only Western tradition but also other cultures around the world. Students study the original works of philosophers, scientists, social scientists, historians, musicians, artists, writers, and other great thinkers as they become more active, critical thinkers themselves. Our faculty, who are distinguished scholars and professionals, carefully design courses that relate ideas from multiple fields of inquiry.

The junior year of international study is the centerpiece of the Global Liberal Studies B.A. In the first three semesters, students acquire a broad understanding of the interconnections between world cultures.  In the fourth semester, students begin to explore in depth the cultural context and language of the site at which they will study as juniors. The sites available in a given year are carefully selected to coordinate with every aspect of students' four-year courses of study. 

All GLS juniors spend a year studying at an NYU International site. GLS will select junior-year global study sites from among NYU's international programs. The sites are selected to insure that all courses and co-curricular programs are available. The sites in a typical year will be located in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

The senior year serves as the capstone of each student's education.  Students return to New York for a year of coursework and guided research that integrates the work they undertook during their junior year of international study with the Liberal Studies foundation established in freshman and sophomore year.  Careful, individual advising ensures that each student selects courses that relate coherently to each other and to the student's thesis.  In effect, the senior year is tailored to meet the goals and aspirations of each student.