Michael Rectenwald


Master Teacher of Liberal Studies Program

Ph.D Carnegie Mellon University- Literary and Cultural Studies

M.A. English Literature, Case Western Reserve University

B.A., English Literature, University of Pittsburgh

Area of Interests: History and philosophy of science; secularism; science and literature; future(s) of science and technology; composition theory and pedagogy

Course(s) Taught: Cultural Foundations II & III, Intro to STS, Writing I & II


    Research Challenge Grant Recipient, fall 2014.
    Research Challenge Grant Recipient, summer 2012.
    NYU Curricular Development Challenge Fund Grant Recipient, summer 2011.
    Technology Academy Grant, summer 2011.
    Research Challenge Grant Recipient, summer 2010.
    NYU Curricular Development Challenge Fund Grant Recipient, summer 2009.

Intellectual Autobiography

Teaching Statement:

Over the course of sixteen years of teaching, I have found that working with students has proven to be the key to my own scholarship and intellectual life. I also believe that I serve students as a conduit, not merely to their disciplinary futures, but more importantly to their development as critically engaged and culturally literate citizens and human beings. I see the classroom as a forum for students to practice the communicative and interpretive skills necessary for life and work in evolving, complex societies. My class meetings are scheduled conversations in which all are invited participants expected to contribute.

In my teaching of writing within NYU Liberal Studies and Global Liberal Studies (GLS), I work with students to help them envisage writing as means of questioning, problem-posing, analyzing, synthesizing, and contributing to academic discourses. I believe that the most effective learning happens when students are invited to actively produce their educations, rather than when they are treated as passive recipients of information. I ask my students to envision and position writing as the cornerstone in this active process of discovery and creation.

In my Sophomore Approaches seminars within GLS, I encourage students to become active theorists of their cultural and social worlds, producing explanations of various aspects of culture and society while drawing on theoretical models as diverse as psychoanalysis, Marxism, feminism, post-structuralism, semiotics, post-colonialism, the sociology of scientific knowledge, and media studies.


Associate Editor, International Agnostic Journal.

Peer Reviewer, Configurations, The John Hopkins University Press.

Member, Modern Languages Association.

Member, The Dickens Universe, The University of California, Santa Cruz.

Treasurer, The American Friends of the Charles Dickens Museum



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Popular and Creative:

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