Elayne Tobin

Master Teacher of Liberal Studies Program

Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh- Cultural and Critical Studies

Area of Interests: Celebrity Culture; Popular Culture; Film and Television; History of New York; Bohemian Culture; Autobiography; Biography

Course(s) Taught: Writing I; Writing II: Memoir and Autobiography; Celebrity: An Historical Exploration of Modern Fame; Creative Writing- Global Voices


    Cultural Studies Dissertation Award
    Andrew Mellon Dissertation Fellowship
    LS Student's Excellence in Teaching Award (2007)

Teaching Statement: I teach a dialogue-based class, with contemporary readings and mixed media. I encourage students to take risks in their thinking and writing, while respecting the discipline of the crafts of writing and thought. I try to expose students to exciting examples of the written word, and of creative media production. By studying contemporary phenomenas, we can help formulate theories with important historical implications.


  • The Accidental Reader: Interpreting Literature in an Emergency, The Nation, National Public Radio, Genders Journal, forthcoming, 2012
Updated on 10/11/2012